AW: [freetds] Connect to Sybase ASA 8 with pear:DB

Florian Kornhoffer f.kornhoffer at
Mon Jun 14 02:57:33 EDT 2004


>>You have an ASA server.  I don't use PHP, but it looks like you're using
the sybase extension.  Your server needs an entry in freetds.conf, and the
name of that entry must be the ASA database you want to connect to
('testdb').  I guess your 'hostspec' entry, above, would be that name, not
the server's IP address.  <<

thanks for your help - I got a bit further now - but still I'm not
successfull. Here's what happens now:

my testdb.php:
//DB-Modul laden
require_once "DB.php";

//setzen der variablen für connect
$dsn = array(
    'phptype'  => 'sybase',
    'username' => 'dba',
    'password' => 'xyz',
    'hostspec' => 'DBX',
    'database' => 'testdb',

$db =& DB::connect($dsn);
if (DB::isError($db)) {

	tds version = 4.2
	host = 62.153.x.x
	port = 2638
	tds version = 5.0

My result now:
Warning: sybase_connect(): Sybase: Server message: ASA Fehler -83:
Angegebene Datenbank nicht gefunden <<my translation: named database not
found>> (severity 16, procedure N/A) in /usr/local/lib/php/DB/sybase.php on
line 55

Warning: sybase_connect(): Sybase: Client message: Login incorrect.
(severity 78) in /usr/local/lib/php/DB/sybase.php on line 55

Warning: sybase_connect(): Sybase: Unable to connect in
/usr/local/lib/php/DB/sybase.php on line 55
DB Error: unknown error

If I understand that the right way, there now is a connection to the sybase
server itself, but the database 'testdb' itself is not found?

What are possible causes for that?


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