[freetds] bcp text upload trace

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Fri Jun 11 18:25:15 EDT 2004

On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, "Thompson, Bill D (London)" <bill_d_thompson at ml.com>
> Thanks for this James,

Happy to be of service, my liege.  

> Unlike you to be so imprecise :-)
> If it were anyone else, I'd ask the following questions:
> which version of freetds ?


> which version of which database ?

	I provided the @@version string.  Need more?  

> freebcp or the dblibrary "sendrow" API ?
> all text columns, or just very large ones ?

My particular problem child was some 5200 bytes, roughly.  Sorry to be
imprecise yet again.  ;-)  The problem cropped up in a homegrown utility
based on db-lib.   I also tested it with freebcp.  

In my defense, I thought text was a known problem, because it's mentioned
in the freebcp man page, and excluded from the bcp unit test.  

The symptom was that the data were sent, but the server never responded. 
It didn't drop the connection; it was waiting, as though we hadn't
finished sending the data (which we had, and the packet had its final bit

> My version of freebcp works just fine.....

Perhaps an issue with crossing packet boundaries?  (My data were bigger
than your data.  And my data can beat up your data any day of the week.)  

I'll update the unit test.  We're OK with image/binary, too, then?  

> I'll test my new code, and check out text columns specifically..

Much obliged.  I really didn't know this was a solved problem.  It'll be a
bragging point for the next release.  

Thanks for looking at the traces.  I'm glad they uncovered the stored
procedures and confirmed everything else is OK.  

Regarding a 6.5 server.  I don't have easy access to one.  It would be TDS
4.2, which we still don't support, right?  I would expect it to behave
pretty much like a Sybase 4.x server, since that's what it basically was. 



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