[freetds] Bug in SQLNumResultCol function

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Thu Jun 10 02:45:34 EDT 2004

> Hi,
> I am trying to use unixODBC and freetds for Oracle Generic 
> Connectivity so 
> that I
> can create database links to MS SQL Server in Oracle 10g database.
> I can run the unixodbc command isql -v <MS DB Name> <user 
> name> <password>
> to connect to the MS SQL Server and run the sql query 
> succssfully select * 
> from scProblem.
> But the same query select * from "scProblem"@msticket doesn't work by 
> using the database link msticket of the MS SQL server.
> Oracle support verified that the configuration of the db link 
> is fine. I 
> can run the following queries successfully:
> 1) select * from dual at msticket;
> 2) select * from all_catalog at msticket;
> Oracle support told me the reason that query select * from 
> "scProblem"@msticket doesn't work is  that known bugs in freetds.
> The bugs are:
> 1)  "describe table scProblem" doesn't work in freetd
> 2) In SQLNumResultCol function, freetds may return something 
> similar to: 
> [ODBC][22261][SQLNumResultCols.c][233]
> Count = ffbed858 -> 0
> instead of returning the real number of rows.
> when I run the query select * from "scProblem"@msticket.
> Could someone verify that? If so, are there any patches for them?
> Thank a lot in advanced.
> Jun

Hi Jun!

First you must use 0.63 version. We can't help with tests cause we don't
own Oracle + binder. Please enable unixODBC log and freetds log and post
them. If data contain sensitive data please send them privately to me
(or James).

I never see "describe table scProblem" syntax before... Perhaps it's an
Oracle syntax??


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