[freetds] Re: FreeTDS on Mac OS X 10.3.3

Doug Norton dougn at AgileEnterprise.com
Mon Jun 7 21:49:16 EDT 2004

I suppose that if you are only an occasional user then you may not want to
pay $29 for an ODBC driver.  I just don't have the bandwidth to do what
Actual does.

Personally I think Actual drivers are a great use of open source software.
The only other real single tier driver for OS X and MS SQL is done by
OpenLink and they are charging $495 for their driver.


on 6/7/04 10:09 AM, Mike Galban at MGalban at Merion.com wrote:

> Doug,
> I did get the Actual drivers working (in demo mode), but in my mind, that
> defeats the purpose of an open source project such as FreeTDS. I don't want
> to have to pay licensing fees for a driver that will be used only
> occasionally on quite a few machines. I will if it comes to that, but
> FreeTDS seemed to be what I was looking for.
> -mg
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>> I had similar problems and finally cried "uncle".  Now I let someone else do
>> the work... Check this out.
>> <http://www.actualtechnologies.com>
>> Hope this helps.
>> -doug
>>> Hello all,
>>> I'm new to FreeTDS and ODBC in general but am very interested in getting it
>>> to
>>> work properly. So far I've been able to build and install on OS X 10.3.3
>>> using
>>> the guides and helpful hints from the archives. Using tsql I've connected to
>>> and queried my company's MSSQL db and have gotten back the desired results.
>>> One thing that I haven't gotten to work is the building of the ODBC driver,
>>> at
>>> least that's what I can only assume. Looking for libtdsodbc.so in
>>> /usr/local/freetds/lib turns up nothing. I can't find it anywhere. I do have
>>> several .a .la and .dylib files in /usr/local/freetds/lib. Should I be
>>> pointing to one of the these files as the driver? Any help is greatly
>>> appreciated.
>>> -mg
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