[freetds] dblib bcp & freebcp

Thompson, Bill D (London) bill_d_thompson at ml.com
Thu Jun 3 07:00:42 EDT 2004


> Yay!  How did you work around the fseek() in "measuring" delimited
character files?  

I'm afraid you caught me out. I was planning to the stdin/stdout work today,
I thought it would be easy.
Just do this, right ?

    FILE *fptr;

    if (strcmp(filename,"stdin") == 0 ) {
        fptr = stdin;
    } else {
        fptr = fopen(filename, "r");

Ah well....

I'll take a look at bcp_moretext(). It should be possible.


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> > I'm just finishing up my reworking of the dblibrary bcp api, 
> > retro-fitting
> > the improvements to the processing that I put into the ct-lib 
> > blk library.
> Cool!  
> Loading some files recently, we noticed that Microsoft's and Sybase's bcp
> libraries both trim trailing blanks from char & varchar character data.
> You can stuff 16 characters into a char(8) if the last 8 characters are
> consistently blanks.  
> I had fixed bcp.c to handle the varchar case some time back; I added char
> last week.    
> > the -E flag (as supported by Microsoft's version) which allows you to
> > control the behaviour with respect to identity columns.
> ...
> > the handling of timestamp columns, as documented in 
> > Microsoft's version
> These will both be welcome, especially timestamp.  
> > the "queryout" method, as supported by Microsoft's version, 
> > which allows you
> > to specify a query (or I guess the exec of a stored 
> > procedure) as the source
> > of a "bcp out" operation
> Very nice.  (Yes, "exec <proc>" should work.)
> > the specification of "stdout" or "stdin" as the output/input 
> > file (that's an enhancement on both Sybase & MS's version)
> Yay!  How did you work around the fseek() in "measuring" delimited
> character files?  
> > before I submit my patch, is there anything else anyone is 
> > desperate for ?
> bcp_moretext()?  ;-)  Of course, it's the only missing bcp function.  I
> don't know what the protocol implications are; I don't know if this
> out-of-order data handling is only a db-lib feature, or if the server can
> somehow accept text data after the rest of the row data.  
> Looking forward to you patch, Bill.  Thanks for working on this.  
> --jkl
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