[freetds] Problem with CS_LONG

Paul Rensing paulrensing at verizon.net
Tue Jun 1 11:08:45 EDT 2004


I am using FreeTDS with the Sybase Python driver. I recently brought
them up-to-date in what I thought was a harmless step, but my code
started failing.

The cause of the problem is a column in a table which is type CS_LONG.
The Python driver did not handle that type, so I fixed that, but I came
across something in FreeTDS. 

In cspublic.h, CS_LONG is made equivalent to TDS_INT which is a 4 byte
int. However, what I was getting from the DB was an 8 byte int. Is this
a bug in the header, or am I missing something?

	Thanks for the effort,

		Paul Rensing
Paul Rensing <paulrensing at verizon.net>

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