[freetds] /usr/include/freetds/ and DBD-Sybase problem

Joshua Daniel Franklin joshuadf at u.washington.edu
Sat May 29 21:05:53 EDT 2004

Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
>> I'll see if I can come up with a patch to have 
>> DBD-Sybase's Makefile.PL check both /usr/include/ and 
>> /usr/include/freetds/ in the future.

OK here are a few lines. I used the latest DBD::Sybase off CPAN, version 
1.02. The patch does three things:

--If no SYBASE is set, sets it to '/usr'. I think this is the right 
thing to do since setting SYBASE is the most confusing to admins with 
vendor-supplied freetds libs in /usr/lib, and because anyone rolling 
their own freetds should already have SYBASE set.

--Separates the SYBASE/lib check from the include check

--Checks SYBASE/include SYBASE/include/freetds for headers

This makes building DBD::Sybase work OOTB on my platform (RHEL or 
Fedora) with Dag's freetds RPMs.
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