[freetds] /usr/include/freetds/ and DBD-Sybase problem

Joshua Daniel Franklin joshuadf at u.washington.edu
Fri May 28 16:09:57 EDT 2004

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT wrote:
>>>Here's the situation:
>>>I've installed Dag's latest freetds rpms (freetds-0.62.3-1.1.el3.rpm
>>>and freetds-devel-0.62.3-1.1.el3.rpm, dated 2004 May 17) on Red Hat 
>>>I found that the problem is that the freetds-devel header files are
>>>installed to /usr/include/freetds/ instead of just /usr/include/
>>Why can't RH leave things as they are?
> Good question. We provide a .spec file with include files in
> /usr/include...

Just to clarify, these RPMs are not provided by Red Hat, but by Dag Wieers
(who packages a bunch of 3rd party stuff). For some reason his SPEC has:

%define _includedir %{_prefix}/include/freetds


If the freetds project doesn't see any reason for /usr/include/freetds/,
it sounds like Dag is the one to ask about what's going on, especially 
since he lists freetds.org as the upstream provider.

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