[freetds] php sybase asa 7 connection problem

RCS Computers randy at rcs-comp.com
Mon May 24 14:15:10 EDT 2004

Thank you!

I had actually read this somewhere but the link to the page was invalid.  I 
*thought* I changed my config to make up for this, but after reading your 
post, realized I named my dataserver after the database SERVER instead of 
the name of the DATABASE.  I changed it and all is well.  Thank you again.

>See the footnote.  :-)
>FreeTDS passes the dataserver name to the server.  In the case of ASA, 
>that name is important, because it indicates to the server which database 
>to open.  When you use "tsql -H", freetds.conf is not consulted, no 
>dataserver/database name is gleaned or sent, and the server has no way to 
>know (I suppose) which database to start.

Randy Syring
RCS Computers

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