[freetds] FreeTDS hang

Hany Heggy hany.hegy at etelvaz.com
Sat May 22 06:36:38 EDT 2004


  I am writing a program to copy data from 10 MSSQL server  to one central DB2 server using unixODBC 2.2.8, FreeTDS 0.62.1 and DB2 8.1.5 ODBC under RHEL AS 3.0

  The program is multi threaded and each thread connect to certain MSSQL server, it works fine until one of the sever is unreachable ( i cannot ping it from Linux command line) at this point i get an error from FreeTDS :
   server   connect time out

  at this point the program freeze and all threads freeze totally

  and ideas ?

  Hany Heggy,

  IBM Certified System Support, AIX 4.3
  Senior System Engineer 
  Media City Public Free Zone
  6th of October City, Egypt
  Mobile: +20-101717563

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