[freetds] Re: MSSQL error on certain Tables [php]

Daniel Fazekas fdsubs at axelero.hu
Tue May 18 23:10:13 EDT 2004

On May 19, 2004, at 1:37, Robert Kruse wrote:

> Through PHP, we can successfully send a simple query to 42 out of the 
> 49
> tables, but when we try to do a simple query to any of the 7 
> outstanding
> tables, we get the "The page cannot be displayed" error.

Any simple queries ought to work, even rather complex ones. Something's 
definitely wrong here.
As I understand you can reliable reproduce your problem all the time. 
If so, we are off to a good start.

Let's go through some of the usual troubleshooting steps.

1. More information

> I have FreeTDS.62 running on IRIX64 with apache2 & PHP 4.3.5 and we're
> accessing an SQL Server 7 database with 49 tables.

- Which PHP extension are you using with FreeTDS: mssql / sybase / 
sybase_ct / odbc? [SQSH uses Ct-lib, and the only PHP extension 
accessing that interface is the sybase_ct one.]
Is it linked in statically or loaded from a shared module?

- FreeTDS configuration basics: what TDS version are you using? Is 
FreeTDS set up to do any iconv character encoding translation? (The 
latter could be the reason why some tables behave differently from the 

- Try loading the page in another browser to see what the server really 
sends. "The page cannot be displayed" sounds like a Windows Internet 
Explorer "friendly" error message. In Microsoft speak, friendly means 
it does its best to obscure what the problem really is. Also check the 
Apache error log. I suspect a segmentation fault.

2. Set out to isolate the problem

- Start with the single most effective step: try the same php script 
using the command-line cli php interpreter to get Apache out of the 
picture. One less variable to care about. You most likely already have 
the cli version of php installed even if you aren't aware of it. In 
recent versions of PHP such as yours, it's automatically built 
alongside the Apache module.

On the whole, I suspect a 64-bit or IRIX issue somewhere.


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