[freetds] MSSQL error on certain Tables

Robert Kruse rkruse at 2440media.com
Tue May 18 19:37:21 EDT 2004


I have FreeTDS.62 running on IRIX64 with apache2 & PHP 4.3.5 and we're
accessing an SQL Server 7 database with 49 tables.

Through PHP, we can successfully send a simple query to 42 out of the 49
tables, but when we try to do a simple query to any of the 7 outstanding
tables, we get the "The page cannot be displayed" error.

Through SQSH, we can query all of the tables with no problems.

There doesn't appear to be anything different between the 42 that work and
the 7 that don't work.

Does anyone know why some tables can be queried and others can't through

Thanks for your help.
Bob Kruse

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