[freetds] Server - Problems with TDS 4.2 COLFMT token

Bort, Paul pbort at tmwsystems.com
Tue May 18 18:11:12 EDT 2004

Brian said:
> I once wired up PostgreSQL (7.0 I think it was, this area has gotten
> at lot of work since then and my patches no longer apply) to use the
> FreeTDS server stuff.  I'd love to see some one run with that along
> with the corresponding SQL engine work to give it a "MS SQL"
> personality.  Perhaps after I win the lottery and have all day to work
> on these things. ;-)

Did you do anything with handling T-SQL stored procedures? I've been
thinking about writing a procedural language for Postgres to handle T-SQL
(the syntax didn't seem too hard) as a step towards possibly reducing our MS
dependence, but I was dreading writing a connector that could get from the
very cool "FreeTDS as server" stuff being discussed to libpq. I have some
multi-gigabyte databases and a large, clunky app I'm willing to test with,
if we can get all the pieces together.


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