[freetds] About the Unicode support in the FreeTDS ODBC Driver

ou liu ou at qbt.com
Tue May 18 15:09:28 EDT 2004


            Does the FreeTDS ODBC Driver support the UNICODE?


            Let's say I have a table t having just one column c of
nvarchar(10) type.

            After I did the 'Select * from t', I would have to use the
SQL_C_WCHAR for binding and get back data, is that correct? (The FreeTDS
ODBC didn't support the SQL_C_WCHAR as I found in the odbc_util.c)

            Or I could use the SQL_C_CHAR to bind and later translate the
data in buffer into UNICODE by myself?


            What if I have a SP sp with just one in-out parameter of
nvarchar(10) type? Which SQL_C_XXX type should I use to bind?





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