[freetds] Server - Problems with TDS 4.2 COLFMT token

Steve Kirkendall skirkendall at dsl-only.net
Mon May 17 18:22:05 EDT 2004

Frediano Ziglio <freddyz77 at tin.it> wrote on Monday, May 17, 2004:
> ??? I think you are mixing ODBC timestamp with sql server timestamp...
> In ODBC timestamp data is related to a date while timestamp type in sql
> server it's a binary column (there can be only one per table) that
> change every time you change data in a row.

Oops.  You're right, I was confusing those two.

> I think mssql driver require too many things... for example server
> should be "Microsoft SQL Server", not "a sql server", also it does some
> more query and calls some store procedure. Have you tried my setup
> program (see
> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=947577&group_id=33106&atid=407808)

Yes!  It looks good.  Very simple.

Does it set up the "freetds.conf" file?  The ODBC driver doesn't need it
for connections, but I believe it still gets some locale information from
that file.  I'm not sure about that, though.

I had some trouble downloading it from SourceForge on my Windows machine.
I tried it on my Linux machine, and it came through okay.  The zip file
length was a little different -- 155648 bytes in Windows, and 155430 bytes
in Linux.  Note that 155648 is 0x26000, so it looks like Windows rounded
the length upward to a nice round binary number.

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