[freetds] Freetds 0.60.1 vs freetds 0.62.3 and unixODBC 2.2.8

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Thu May 13 11:30:22 EDT 2004

> Hi, all,
> 	I have a small problem with freetds and unixODBC.
> When I use freetds 0.60.1, I can connect to my MS SQL server 
> via unixODBC
> and when using 0.62.3 I cannot.
> Here's the weird thing, tsql works with both versions, but 
> isql spits out a
> login incorrect message.
> Is this a freetds or unixODBC problem?
> How can I help you to help me troubleshoot this?
> Thank you,
> Jeff

If I remember we changed location of freetds.conf to
/usr/local/etc/freetds.conf instead of /etc/freetds.conf.


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