[freetds] Another OTL question / problem

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Thu May 13 01:05:25 EDT 2004

Il mer, 2004-05-12 alle 13:18, Piet De Jong ha scritto:
> > 
> > The key it's always (like Oracle connector) SQLNumResultCols 
> > after SQLPrepare... trying with --enable-developing you will 
> > get what you
> > expect:
> > 
> Thanks that works on the daily build.
> Can I use daily build in staging ( not develop, not live ) ?

For your happiness I improved getting information after SQLPrepare. Now
you don't need --enable-developing and on mssql if you bind parameters
before SQLPrepare (or there are no parameters at all) you don't get an
extra round-trip with the server. Still to go:
- getting store procedure informations (I don't know how)
- extra round-trip only getting information (mainly for mssql2k

Now the last ODBC stop-over for final 0.63 is SQLPutData (broken in
either 0.62 and 0.63).


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