[freetds] windows installer copyright

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Sun May 9 02:17:11 EDT 2004

> > 3) The "configure" script is run on a Unix box.  Among other things,
> >    this produces a Makefile and a tweaked version of the setup.rc file.
> The configure script doesn't affect setup.rc.  Autoconf will read
> configure.in, wherein it will be instructed to produce a file 'setup.rc'. 
> The default input for foo.bar is foo.bar.in; in this case, autoconf will
> want a file 'setup.rc.in'.  IOW, setup.rc -- along with the configure
> script and some others -- are all outputs of autoconf.  

I would suggest to split setup.rc (just use an include) so to edit with
a resource editor.

> One question: Do the ProductVersion and FileVersion have to be four
> integers?  Can they be strings?  Can they be something like
> '0.63.dev.20040430'?  I assume No, and am preparing for 0, 63, 0,
> 20040430.  If the last number must be <32K, then I'll trim the day.  

They are 4 16-bit values. major.minor.subversion.build_number
We can't use day cause it's too long for a 16-bit.. perhaps
0.62.9999.days_from_start. 0.62.9999 for 0.63 develping, I don't know an
easy and portable way to do a diff of days...

> > 4) Still on the Unix box, "make dist" is run to create a gzipped tar
> >    archive containing the source files, INCLUDING THE TWEAKED setup.rc!
> Yes.  'make dist' bundles things up.  In the case of setup.rc, it *only*
> bundles it up.  In the case of, say, the User Guide, it produces the HTML
> from the SGML.  
> > 5) Somebody downloads source to a Windows PC, extracts the source, and
> >    compiles it with MSVC6 without running "configure".
> Exactly.  


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