[freetds] windows installer copyright

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Fri May 7 20:58:49 EDT 2004

The windows resource file win32/setup.rc was recently added to CVS.  It
contains this statement:

	VALUE "LegalCopyright", "Copyright © 2004 under terms of GNU LGPL\0"

No.  Copyright is copyright: It's a statement of who owns the document. 
The above statement fails to make clear who owns the program, and adds a
bunch of stuff -- good stuff, but IMO misplaced -- about licensing terms. 
In any event, nothing is copyright "under terms of" anything.  It's just
copyright by someone sometime.  Full stop.  

(Thought you could slip that by me, eh?  Thought ol' James was getting
soft in the saddle?  Not so fast, buster.)  

The other thing I think we should do is use autoconf to automatically
insert the version strings.  To that end, I propose we remove setup.rc
from CVS, and replace it with setup.rc.in, with these differences:

--- setup.rc	Mon May  3 14:50:57 2004
+++ setup.rc.in	Fri May  7 20:44:55 2004
@@ -180,17 +180,17 @@
         BLOCK "040904b0"
-            VALUE "Comments", "\0"
+            VALUE "Comments", "Distributed according the terms of GNU
             VALUE "CompanyName", "FreeTDS.org\0"
             VALUE "FileDescription", "FreeTDS\0"
-            VALUE "FileVersion", "0, 63, 0, 428\0"
+            VALUE "FileVersion", "0, @VERMAJOR@, @VERMINOR@, @VERDATE@\0"
             VALUE "InternalName", "FreeTDS\0"
-            VALUE "LegalCopyright", "Copyright  2004 under terms of GNU
+            VALUE "LegalCopyright", "Copyright  2004 Steve Kirkendall
<kirkenda at cs.pdx.edu>\0"
             VALUE "LegalTrademarks", "\0"
             VALUE "OriginalFilename", "FreeTDS.dll\0"
             VALUE "PrivateBuild", "\0"
             VALUE "ProductName", "FreeTDS ODBC Driver\0"
-            VALUE "ProductVersion", "0, 63, 0, 428\0"
+            VALUE "ProductVersion", "0, @VERMAJOR@, @VERMINOR@,
             VALUE "SpecialBuild", "\0"

I'll need to define @VERMAJOR@, @VERMINOR@, and @VERDATE@ in configure.in,
and add setup.rc to an AC_CONFIG_FILES() macro.  That should do the trick.

Steve, if you don't want the copyright for this, you may wish to assign it
to Brian or simply place it in the public domain.  Your file, your work,
your choice.  


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