[freetds] ODBC configuration dialog on Windows

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Sun May 2 03:19:47 EDT 2004

Il sab, 2004-05-01 alle 02:06, Steve Kirkendall ha scritto:
> Quick recap: I'm writing a tiny SQL server to allow Windows workstations
> to access data on a Linux box, so they can run Crystal Reports.  I was
> trying to use the MS SQL Server ODBC driver because it is usually already
> installed on Windows workstations, and because it is pretty easy to
> configure.  The FreeTDS ODBC driver can be compiled for Windows, but is
> very hard to install and configure.

I don't think it's so easy to write an installer program or enable
registration of freetds.dll with regsrv32 (although this should register
only COM classes :) )

> Earlier this week, I got frustrated with the lack of diagnostic information
> from the MS SQL Server ODBC driver, so I decided to give the FreeTDS one
> another try.  For the FreeTDS ODBC driver to be practical, it absolutely
> must have a configuration dialog.
> So I added one.  I added a few new files, and made tiny modifications to
> a couple of others.  I'd like to share the code, as soon as I can clear
> up a few things.
> 1) I added the dialog to version 0.62.3 (the latest stable version).
>    Do I need to download the latest CVS version, and work my changes
>    into that?  Or can I simply supply cdiffs relative to 0.62.3?

Usually we use diff -u. However you can send diff in what format you
wants (or just send modified/added files if you prefer). Patch will be
updated and applied to CVS HEAD (what we call it 0.63). We maintain 0.62
only for fixes, not improvements (our time resources are very limited).

> 2) Where should I send the patches?  It seems like a waste of bandwidth
>    to send them to this whole mailing list.

Send them to me if you prefer or post in sourceforge project (don't
forget to check the box :) ).

> 3) In the ODBC.INI information, what is the relationship between
>    "Servername", "Server", and "Address"?  It looks like "Servername"
>    is obsolete, "Server" identifies the host that ODBC should connect to
>    (either as a domain name or a "numbers and dots" IP address), and
>    "Address" is always the IP address in "numbers and dots" format.
>    Is that right?  Why is "Address" stored in ODBC.INI?

My suggestion is "forget servername" all users want real server name so
use server. Is useful only if you use other libraries (ctlib/dblib).
Also under windows freetds.conf is in c:\ ... not that fine.. "Address"
was added for compatibility with MS ODBC and to solve DNS resolve
problems (/etc/hosts is not editable to everyone...). I think there
should be an "Advanced" button for "Address" and (if you require it)

> 4) The Windows resource file also stores a version number.  It's nice to
>    see a version number in the ODBC drivers list, but I'm worried about
>    maintenance.  Somebody would have to remember to go in and update the
>    version number in the resource file whenever FreeTDS' version number
>    changed.  Unless somebody knows an automated way to do that.  Opinions?

See James reply.


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