[freetds] Function sequence error from Linux => SQL Server 2000

Charles Bearden Charles.F.Bearden at uth.tmc.edu
Thu Apr 29 10:40:16 EDT 2004

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> > Two final clues:
> > (1) If I use the Python interpreter to instantiate my DB
> > connection and
> > call the stored procedure with the same XML data, it loads
> > the data into
> > the target table with no complaint.
> > (2) In my script I create six or seven different connections to the
> > database, each with its own cursor, so that each cursor executes
> > one thing on the SQL server.  My hope was to reduce overhead by
> > permitting each cursor to prepare just one statement.  Now that the
> > cursors are executing stored procedures rather than SQL statements,
> > perhaps I should use only one connection and cursor.
> >
> ...
> >From mxBase ChangeLog
> Changes from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5:
> Fixed a bug in the native Unicode handling code for long object
> mxODBC now also supports reading and writing Unicode to and from
> longchar and ntext columns for MS SQL Server.
> Are you sure you are using latest version. Perhaps you installed a
> former version and than updated

Thanks for responding.

I think you mean mxODBC changelog.

The only version of this package installed on this system for this
Python is 2.0.6, which I downloaded as

  find . -type f | xargs egrep '__version__ *= *'

in the source shows that none of the subpackages have this version
number, but it is the only version installed on this system for this
Python.  There is a copy of the same version installed in this Python's
site-packages, but I wasn't convinced it was done correctly, so I built
it myself and installed it in my own spot and am modifying sys.path to
import it instead of the site-packages copy.


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