[freetds] ASA 7 Cannot Connect - Please Help!

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Tue Apr 27 15:23:56 EDT 2004

> From: Perren Smith [mailto:perren at uoregon.edu]
> Sent: April 27, 2004 1:49 PM
> I guess I should have clarified:
> >From the log file that I created using dbisql.exe I noticed 
> that the db that
> I'm wanting to connect to isn't started and the dbisql.exe 
> app must start it
> using the file location that I specify.
> Can I pass in the file location of the target db using 
> FreeTDS?  How would I
> get this working in a *nix environment?  I've got ODBC 
> connectors on the
> Win32 platform that are doing everything perfectly, but not 
> on my RedHat
> box.


I see the problem now.  On your Win32 box, the ODBC driver lets you specify the server's database filename.  How to do that with FreeTDS?  

AFAIK, the server_name field of the login packet is the only place to pass the database name to the server.  That field is limited to 30 characters.  A quick scan of src/tds/config.c leads me to suggest that:

	host = myserver.company.com
	port = 2638
	tds version = 5.0
	dump file = /tmp/tdsdump.txt

might work.  Obviously you'll need to quote such a name when you provide it to tsql.  You can't use ':' in the name because the config file reader trips on it.   But if database file is on the server's default drive, you can use a relative pathname, yes?  

That particular name is 27 characters.  If there's a way to pass longer names to the server (or, if that way doesn't work), I'd like to know what it is.  We'd need a wire trace to see what they're doing; "windump -s 1500 -w ODBC.trace host <hostname> and port <port> and tcp" would do fine.  

If that doesn't work (and your path <= 30 characters), please check the TDSDUMP log to make sure we're passing it correctly.  If we're not, post it here and we'll correct it.  Else we'll definitely need a trace.  



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