[freetds] Heeelo group! I'm having problem with FreeTDS and Wine...

Anton - Valqk lists at lozenetz.net
Tue Apr 27 16:42:33 EDT 2004

Hello there all of you.
I've just subscribed.
I'm having the folowing problem:
I'm trying to run a windows programs that uses odbc and connects to
MSSQL db server using wine.
After a lot of fight and kickin' I've managed to connect to the MSSQL db
server but! I'm getting msgs for unimplemented ODBC:SQL.... and the
program returns an ODBC error..

OK, here we go....

Firstly I've made a google search and found how to use wine+odbc...
after taht compiled freetds with --enable-mssql --with-unixodbc=.....
when I got libtdsodbc.so , I've made a soft link to /usr/lib/libodbc.so
so wine can find it and redirect all odbc queries to the freetds lib.
after that I've made this config file:

        tds version = 7.0
        port = 1433
        initial block size = 512
        swap broken dates = no
        swap broken money = no
        try server login = yes
        try domain login = no
;       nt domain = WORKGROUP
        # If the server responds with different domain try that one?
        cross domain login = no
        dump file = /home/valqk/freetds.log
        debug level = 1
        timeout = 10
        connect timeout = 10
        text size = 64512
# A typical Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 configuration
        host =
        port = 1433
        tds version = 7.0

ok, As you can see the name of the connection is #-ed because wine sent
some strande requests to connect with servername SYBASE, and even if I
put SYBASE instead of ATLAS I've ended with IP Null , Server SYBASE not
found! That's  why I put all attemps for connection to be sent to this
host(where my MSSQL is running). This is not a problem for me because
I'll use only this MSSQL server and nothing else so after solving other
problems I'll debug this issue... I think it'a a wine registry issue...
ok anyway we'r going on....
after that I've tested the connection using sqsh and it worked just fine
- pooling some data from the MSSQL.
Vioala, lets run the wine and windows proggie....
ok, as a beggingin - it's closed source program, using all possible
windows bulls....ts ....
so... I've built a fake_windows directory and copied some dll;s that
this program wanted, updated the registry so it can have odbc entries
and tryed to run it... 
then wine printed some warning msgs :

err:odbc:ODBC_LoadDMFunctions Failed to load function SQLAllocHandleStd
err:odbc:ODBC_LoadDMFunctions Failed to load function SQLBrowseConnect
err:odbc:ODBC_LoadDMFunctions Failed to load function SQLBulkOperations
err:odbc:ODBC_LoadDMFunctions Failed to load function SQLDataSources
err:odbc:ODBC_LoadDMFunctions Failed to load function SQLDescribeParam
err:odbc:ODBC_LoadDMFunctions Failed to load function SQLDrivers
err:odbc:ODBC_LoadDMFunctions Failed to load function SQLExtendedFetch
err:odbc:ODBC_LoadDMFunctions Failed to load function SQLSetPos
err:odbc:ODBC_LoadDMFunctions Failed to load function
fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub
err:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateWindow invalid window width 866403342

We can ingnore the last two, but I think as far as I understand how's it
working that these functions are not implemented in freetds... 
I'm using version freetds 0.62.3...

ok, the program starts and asks me for u/p/dsn ... I enter them and it
returns odbc error, today the developers of the program pated me the src
where the error is occuring it's this(this is M$ code actually 
//opebulkset.cpp : implementation file
// This is a part of the Microsoft Foundation Classes C++ library.
// Copyright (C) 1992-1997 Microsoft Corporation
// All rights reserved.
// This source code is only intended as a supplement to the
// Microsoft Foundation Classes Reference and related
// electronic documentation provided with the library.
// See these sources for detailed information regarding the
// Microsoft Foundation Classes product.

void CDynamicBulkSet::InitFields() 
CODBCFieldInfo *pFInfo ;
int nFields = GetFieldCount();

m_strFieldNames.RemoveAll() ;

for(int j=0; j<nFields; j++) 
        pFInfo=&m_rgODBCFieldInfos[j] ;
                case    SQL_LONGVARCHAR  :
                case    SQL_CHAR         : 
                case    SQL_NUMERIC      :  
                case    SQL_VARCHAR      :
                case    SQL_DECIMAL      : 
                case    SQL_GUID             : 

                //unicode text
                case    SQL_WCHAR               :       //-8
                case    SQL_WVARCHAR    :       //-9
                case    SQL_WLONGVARCHAR:   //-10 
                                m_pFieldType[j]=GEN_STRING ;
                                break ;

                case    SQL_INTEGER      :
                                m_pFieldType[j]=GEN_LONG ;
                                break ;
                case    SQL_FLOAT        :  
                case    SQL_DOUBLE               : 
                                m_pFieldType[j]=GEN_DOUBLE ;
                                break ;
                case    SQL_TIMESTAMP    :  
                                m_pFieldType[j]=GEN_DATE ;
                                break ;
                case    SQL_SMALLINT     : 
                                m_pFieldType[j]=GEN_INT ;
                                break ;
                case    SQL_TINYINT      : 
                                m_pFieldType[j]=GEN_BYTE ;
                                break ;
                case    SQL_REAL         : 
                                m_pFieldType[j]=GEN_FLOAT ;
                                break ;
                case    SQL_BIT         : 
                                m_pFieldType[j]=GEN_BOOL ;
                                break ;
                case    SQL_BINARY:     
                                m_pFieldType[j]=GEN_BINARY ;
                                break ;
                default :
                                CString err ;
                                err.Format("%3d",j+1) ; 
                                // Here;s the  error!
                                break ; 

        if(pFInfo->m_nSQLType==SQL_LONGVARCHAR ||
pFInfo->m_nSQLType==SQL_WLONGVARCHAR) // Memo text field 
                m_pFieldLength[j]=MEMO_TEXT_SIZE ;
                m_pFieldLength[j]=pFInfo-> m_nPrecision+1 ; 
        m_pFieldDecim[j]=6 ;
        m_pFieldIgnore[j]=0 ; 

        m_strFieldNames.Add(pFInfo->m_strName) ;

return ;



and In the log I just see selecting the database sai in the config
odbc.ini, setting the textsize and after that nothing... 

that's all any help will be greatly appriciated!!!! 
thanks in advace!

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