[freetds] ASA 7 Cannot Connect - Please Help!

Perren Smith perren at uoregon.edu
Tue Apr 27 13:49:05 EDT 2004

I guess I should have clarified:

>From the log file that I created using dbisql.exe I noticed that the db that
I'm wanting to connect to isn't started and the dbisql.exe app must start it
using the file location that I specify.

Can I pass in the file location of the target db using FreeTDS?  How would I
get this working in a *nix environment?  I've got ODBC connectors on the
Win32 platform that are doing everything perfectly, but not on my RedHat



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On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 14:49:35 -0700, "Perren Smith" <perren at uoregon.edu>
> Server:
> ASA 7 - Windows 2000
> Client (my webserver):
> RedHat 8
> FreeTDS 0.62.1 (current as of today)
> I can connect using the supplied dbisql.exe application that comes 
> with my fine Sybase app.  Although I do need to specify the file 
> location for the db I want to connect to, e.g., 
> c:\foo\moredir\mydb\mydb.db
> I see no equivalent way to reference the db file location using FreeTDS.
> Also, if I specify a db name I know exists in freetds.conf (let's say
> mydb) tsql will hang if I use that db name as the server entry name 
> with no log ever being written:
> [mydb]
> 	host = myserver.company.com
> 	port = 2638
> 	tds version = 5.0
> 	dump file = /tmp/tdsdump.txt

You're doing the right thing.  Assuming the server is running, you should
get a connection (or at least an error).  

If you've double checked everything, I guess the only refuge would be a
tcpdump of the dbisqle.exe session and of the tsql session.  

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