Fw: [freetds] Exceptions are not picked up by FreeTDS fromDB?(0.62.2 )

Martin Spott Martin.Spott at uni-duisburg.de
Tue Apr 27 09:05:25 EDT 2004

"James K. Lowden" wrote:

> Martin Spott requested I forward the following attachment to the list.  
> I'm not sure of the context.  

Thanks. This is the text belonging to the attachment:

"Martin Spott wrote:
> "James K. Lowden" wrote:

>> Les Gondor reported on 14 Apr 2004, to my surprise, that OpenOffice.org
>> works on Solaris.  Has anyone else had any luck on another platform?  If
>> we're that close, it seems like OO.org compatibilty is a reasonable goal
>> for 0.63.

> It depends. Probably it's possible to query a database from OpenOffice
> as long as you already have a 'prebuilt' query. I didn't try this.
> On the other hand I'm pretty sure that 'browsing' the database tree
> with OpenOffice on Linux does not return tablenames.
> I'll investigate next week to see if the recent changes to the ODBC
> driver sources give any improvement,

O.k., I did that. I'm running OpenOffice-1.1.1 on SuSE-8.2 with
unixODBC-2.2.3 provided by the distribution. I log into a database
server 'gluehbirne' (Sybase- ESD#6) with a database 'MasTest'
as the user 'mas'. 'mas' is owner of the database and the database is
the default database for 'mas' - no excuses at this point  ;-)

Login is done via OpenOffice's 'data source administration' window,
after this is finished successfully I try to browse the tables via the
'view data sources' menu ('F4'). I attached a small archive file
containing the logs generated at the login process and the tables
browsing (which does not result in _any_ table name being listed).

In the hope that these logs are of at least little use ...."

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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