[freetds] TDS Server almost working

Steve Kirkendall skirkendall at dsl-only.net
Sun Apr 25 19:18:05 EDT 2004

I'm finally trying to use my little SQL server with Crystal Reports.
Current status is, it logs in correctly, and is able to send SELECT
statements to my server.  The server parses them, and sends a table
back to Crystal Reports.  HOWEVER, Crystal Reports pops up with an
error from ODBC saying "Unknown token received from SQL Server".
Oh, so close!

Can anybody spot any problems in the attached log?  This log was
generated on the server, so "received" means client and "sending"
means server.  I'll also attach the debugging output from my server.

The SELECT statement is preceded by a stored procedure call, and that
is my prime suspect right now.  My server simply sends a 254 packet
("Process Done") whenever it receives any stored procedure call.
If I omit that 254 packet then it still fails, but with a different
error message.

The Windows SQL Server ODBC driver is configured to use TDS4.2.  It
uses a 4.2 login packet, and the strings are ASCII, not UCS16.

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