[freetds] bcp broken on TDS 5.0

Thompson, Bill D (London) bill_d_thompson at ml.com
Fri Apr 23 06:24:31 EDT 2004

it *MAY* not be freeTDS that's (generically) problematic, it *MAY* be ASE

The bcp data sent down the wire to a Sybase server is an image of a row as
it is physically stored within the database
It may well be that Sybase have changed how row data is stored in 12/12.5
...and that therefore our bcp data is being misinterpreted by the server.

SQL server on the other hand sends a bcp data stream in the known TDS ROW
message format, the server taking care of inserting the data into the


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	James K. Lowden [SMTP:jklowden at schemamania.org]
> Sent:	23 April 2004 03:14
> To:	TDS Development Group
> Subject:	[freetds] bcp broken on TDS 5.0
> I'm connected to:
> Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.1/EBF 11429/P/Linux Intel/Enterprise
> Linux/ase1251/1823/32-bit/OPT/Tue Sep 16 23:43:54 2003
> And it doesn't look good for the unit test:
> $ ./bcp
> found alex.FreeTDS for jklowden in "../../../PWD"
> Start
> About to logon
> About to open alex.FreeTDS
> Dropping alex.FreeTDS..all_types_bcp_unittest
> Creating alex.FreeTDS..all_types_bcp_unittest
> preparing to insert into FreeTDS..all_types_bcp_unittest ... OK
> Sending same row 10 times... 
> Msg 4837, Level 16, State 5
> Server 'test', Line 1
> Bad row data received from the client while bulk copying into object
> 32000114 in database 4. Received a row of length 85 whilst maximum or
> expected row length is 24950.
> OK
> ^C
> "whilst"?  Never let it be said Sybase wasn't written by geeks.  Sixteenth
> century geeks at that.  
> --jkl
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