[freetds] Sybase error

rconner at commspeed.net rconner at commspeed.net
Thu Apr 22 18:03:41 EDT 2004

thanks for the replys but I did find the issue.  It seems that teh SELECT
statement was getting messed up when it was pulling some information that
had html in it.  someone entered into the db by accident.  so i have that
all cleared up.  I do have a question though.  I cant seem to put the
output into tables with out it giving a parse error.  Any suggestions?

$ms_con = mssql_connect("$myServer", "$myUser", "$myPass") or
  die("mssql_connect(): Can't connect to server.\n");

$res = mssql_query("SELECT * FROM tablename", $ms_con) or
  die("mssql_query(): Query Failed.\n");

while ($arr = mssql_fetch_row($res)) {
  print $arr["0"];
  print $arr["1"];
  print $arr["2"];
  print $arr["3"];
  print $arr["4"];
  print $arr["5"];
  print $arr["6"];
  print $arr["7"];


  > Il gio, 2004-04-22 alle 21:45, rconner at commspeed.net ha scritto:
>> Thanks for the replys, Michael and Matthew.
>> The table name is actually AMATS_Equipments it seems.  For some reason
>> when you use the Access Frontend it adds the owner to it.  So now that I
>> have the table name correct it give a different error.
>> Connected to NQLSQL01 Server
>> Warning: mssql_query(): Sybase message: Unicode data in a Unicode-only
>> collation or ntext data cannot be sent to clients using DB-Library (such
>> as ISQL) or ODBC version 3.7 or earlier. (severity 16) in
>> /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/AMATS_test.php on line 19
>> Any suggestions?
>> Thanks,
>> Conner
> Try this trick
> search in src/dblib/dblib.c the string "DB-Library" (with double-quote)
> and change to "ODBC" (or whatever you like)
> It seem that mssql do not like DB-Library that much is used with TDS
> protocol version different from 4.x...
> freddy77
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