[freetds] RE: SQLServer2000 and version 0.63

Gregg Anderson ganderson at ghx.com
Thu Apr 22 16:22:13 EDT 2004

Sorry for my ML etiquette.  Thanks for the response.  We were able to get 0.63 to compile and work with Oracle using the development flag.

Thanks for the explaination.  We just have management here that is a little hesitant to have to use open source products, much less releases still in development.

Great work, by the way...  You guys may have saved our project!


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Il gio, 2004-04-22 alle 21:13, Gregg Anderson ha scritto:
> Frediano,
> Any idea when version .63 will be considered a stable release?  And are there plans to better support the Oracle heterogeneous services without the development flag needing enabled?
> Thanks,
> Gregg Anderson

Hi Gregg!

You did some things that shouldn't be done on a ML:
- initiate a new thread replying to another message
- top-posting
- quote full message without needing it

We started 0.63 like every new version: with a long list of proposed
feature. However very few of these feature got started. Reasons are
mainly two:
- few coding time
- a lot of feedback (which, I must say direct every release)
Code standard of FreeTDS are much higher than fewer versions ago. Bug
(and even warnings) have an good priority. Usually you can just get CVS
and compile it without many problems. I don't consider _THIS_ CVS
version that unstable. Many todo in TODO file are to do even on 0.62.3.
My mainly stopover are
- SQLPutData (witch seem broken)
- SQLPrepare (for Oracle and OTL)
- DBD::ODBC (I want to get close to 100% using make test)
About roadmap it's hard to say... try to ask James, he has more
forecasting than me...


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