[freetds] Sybase error

Matthew Davis azami at speakeasy.net
Thu Apr 22 14:53:20 EDT 2004

rconner at commspeed.net wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback
> dbo_AMATS_Equipments is the name of the table.  So I think that that is as
> it should be.  I think what you mean would be the colums under that table
> like columname.dbo_AMATS_Equipments
> Yes?

You probably need a qualified name:




Since dbo is a very common owner name, your table name looks like the 
latter format, with the periods replaced by underscores (dbo=owner, 
AMATS=database, Equipments=table).

But if that really is your table name, then you may just need to prefix 
it with your database name: foo.dbo_AMATS_Equipments .

Good Luck,

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