[freetds] linux to mssql using odbc

Alessandro Leo leo at hal.humberc.on.ca
Thu Apr 22 11:57:16 EDT 2004

Hello freetds,

I am trying to setup a redhat 8.0 to connect to a mssql database.  I can
use tsql -S mssql -U sa -P and I get the correct prompt.  But when I use
isql -v mssql sa  i get

[unixODBC][FreeTDS][SQL Server]Unable to connect to data source
[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect

I currently have two environment variables


<freetds.log file>
Starting log file for FreeTDS 0.62.1
        on 2004-04-22 10:15:29 with debug level 99.
names for ISO-8859-1: ISO-8859-1
names for UTF-8: UTF-8
names for UCS-2LE: UCS-2LE
names for UCS-2BE: UCS-2BE
iconv to convert client-side data to the "ISO-8859-1" character set
10:15:29.647375 tds_iconv_info_init: converting "ISO-8859-1"->"UCS-2LE"
10:15:29.647484 tds_iconv_info_init: converting "ISO-8859-1"->"UCS-2LE"
10:15:29.647512 IP address pointer is NULL
10:15:29.647530 Server SYBASE not found!

Any tips would be helpfull

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