[freetds] new faqmaster

Garrett Goebel garrett at scriptpro.com
Thu Apr 22 08:53:05 EDT 2004

> James K. Lowden wrote:
> Would you like to be the new FAQ Master?  
> If you fancy getting involved in our project, I would welcome the
> participation of someone articulate and passionate about 
> helping people get the answers they need.  I spend a fair amount
> of time these days answer people's questions and looking at the
> code, and the FAQ always seems to get short shrift.   It would be
> better if someone who cared more about it cared for it.  
> The time commitment is really minor, except at the beginning. 
> As things stand, the FAQ is an odd amalgam of pointers,
> documentation, and out-of-date fixes.  Almost everything in a
> typical FAQ is answered in our UG which, IMHO, is comprehensive
> and better organized.  A  better FAQ than the one we have would
> serve as an index to the UG, quoting pieces of it and linking to
> it.  Once it's redone, the maintenance requires only a sporadic
> hour here and there, maybe 7 or 12 hours a year.  
> If any of this interests you, well, you know who to call.  

Not to paint the bike shed, but...

Any chance of setting up a wiki for this?

kwiki appears to be simple to install and use, extensible and actively

Version history via RCS or CVS is supported (though it needs to be turned

And if you're worried about coherency, you could always enable "privacy" to
make it world readable / admin writable...

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