[freetds] Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) DBD::Sybase Installation Problems (crusoe) -- Solved

crusoe crusoe at myquickmail.us
Wed Apr 21 17:49:46 EDT 2004

Hi everybody,
I was able to get freeTDS going on to talk to DBD::Sybase on Mac OS X 10.3.
I recall few months back, some one had said that Mac OS X 10.3 required 
"-liconv" to be specified while in the linking phase. That was  not too clear initially. However, this is how I did it.
freeTDS had been working fiine, and was able to connect to the data base on the specified server, the login was ofcourse done successfully.
However, a test script that tried to connect to the MS Sql Server 7, using DBD::Sybase, was giving errors.
The CONFIG file that comes with DBD::Sybase module, has an option of specifying 
EXTRA_LIBS. So I did the same. for Mac OS X 10.3 the extra library required is 
thus the CONFIG file now read:
EXTRA_LIBS= -liconv
after saving the file. do:
admin$ perl Makefile.PL --file
This creates the makefile for this module.
admin$ make
admin$ make test
about 4 tests failed, but others printed .............ok
admin$ sudo make install_perl
password: ***************
and lo!!! it got installed.
after this i ran the test perl script, which just tries to connect to the MS Sql Server7. the script did fine, and returned to the prompt without any errors.
Hope this helps others.
Vishal Sapre

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