[freetds] OT: sp_rename broken for non-dbo on Microsoft servers

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Wed Apr 21 16:42:07 EDT 2004

I'd like to start a rumor or confirm one.  

On our SQL Server 7.0 box, users can create their own tables.  If I create a table:

	create table a (a int)

when logged in as me, it creates an object "[dbname].LowdenJK.a".  Fine and good.  Then, I try to rename the column:

	sp_rename 'LowdenJK.a.a', b

Whatever form of sp_rename I use, I get the error:

Msg 15334, Level 11, State 1, Server NTS0198, Procedure sp_rename, Line 300
Error: Only members of the sysadmin role or the database owner can rename items they do not own.

even though it's completely absolutely clear I in fact do own that object.  

The culprit appears to be line 310 of sp_rename, near the bottom, where we find:

if (@objtype = 'userdatatype')
	select @ownerid = uid from systypes where xusertype = @xusertype
	select @ownerid = ObjectProperty(@objid, 'ownerid')
if (	(not (1 = is_member('db_owner')))
	AND (not (1 = is_member('db_ddladmin')))
	AND (not (1 = is_member(user_name(@ownerid)))) )
	return 1

The proc gets the ower of the datatype or object, as required.  It then attempts to decide if the owner is eligible to rename the thing.  It checks if the user belongs to db_owner or db_ddladmin, which is fine.  The final check, though is just bogus.  From the documentation, this is an incorrect use of is_member, whose parameter takes either a role or a group.  A user is not a role or a group, afaik.  

I think the right final test is:

	AND @ownerid <> user_id()

I tested this on our server and it seems to work.  Anyone else care to try to reproduce the error, confirm the bug or the fix?  I'd be much obliged.  :-)


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