[freetds] TDS protocol for TDS_Dynamic & MS-SQL

Nick Stoughton nick at msbit.com
Wed Apr 21 13:11:45 EDT 2004

Hi ... I am trying to come up with a patch so that placeholders work
through ctlib from perl's DBD::Sybase (to a SQLServer 2000 backend ---
TDS 8.0). I've got a lot of it working, but I have found that there is
one bit of TDS where I can only find Sybase docs for TDS 5.0.

Basically, at one point, DBD::Sybase calls ct_dynamic(cmd,
CS_DESCRIBE_INPUT, ...). In TDS5, this would be handled by a TDS_DYNAMIC
request with a type of TDS_DYN_DESCIN. Does anyone have any idea if this
works similarly with TDS8?

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

Nick Stoughton <nick at msbit.com>

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