[freetds] Problems with IF in queries

Guille -bisho- bisho at eurielec.etsit.upm.es
Mon Apr 19 07:45:09 EDT 2004

I have a problem with queries using IF's:

$rs=mssql_query('select 1',$connection);

This prints:
resource(7) of type (sybase-ct result)

$rs=mssql_query('if (EXISTS (select 1)) select 2 else select 0',$connection);

This prints:

The most strange thing is that it works with an older version of

In debian I have one machine with php-sybase and freetds0 (freetds 0.53-7)
and all this queries work well (They return a valid result resource and the
data can be retrieved).

The other, more updated, has libct1 (freetds 0.61-5) and returns a
boolean "true" if the query contains if's sentences.

The problem is that freetds0 is deprecated, and no more present in

Anybody has found this?

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