[freetds] Accessing Ms SQL Server queries through FREETDS C Apis

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Mon Apr 19 07:21:46 EDT 2004

> Hi,
> I have written a C program using FreeTDS apis to access MS 
> SQL Server. I am able
> to connect to SQL Server using C apis. But my problem is that 
> I am not able to
> fetch the proper results for the queries I had sent through C 
> program. I will
> give my sample code which can be great help. Pls help me.
> I am sending my sample code as attachment in this mail.
> One Note : I am not using any ODBC apis in this program. I am 
> using only freetds
> apis only
> Thanks and regards
> Sajeesh Kumar

We never recommend the use of libTDS API (we always suggest one library
between dblib/ctlib/obdc). libTDS is subject to change without any

	printf("Its Regular Row\n");
	result = tds->curr_resinfo;
	if(result == NULL)
        	printf("No Results\n");
	buff = tds_alloc_row(result);

libTDS allocate buffer for you :)

	printf ("No of coloumns = %d\n", result->num_cols);
	rowcol = *(result->columns);
	printf("Column Size = %d\n", rowcol->column_size);
	if(result->current_row == NULL)
        	printf("No contents in the row\n");
	printf("Size of the row = %d\n", result->row_size);
	tds_clr_null(result->current_row, 1);
	buff = (char *) calloc(rowcol->column_cur_size + 1,
	column_data = tds_get_char_data(tds, buff,
rowcol->column_cur_size + 1, *(result->columns));
	tds_clr_null(buff, 1);

no, you should just read data from buffer.

	if(column_data == 0)
		printf("No Data available\n");
	printf("The buffer = %s\n",buff);

see src/tds/unittests/t0002.c for an example on how to read data.


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