[freetds] odbc problem obtaining column name

Roger Reynolds rogerr at softix.com
Mon Apr 19 04:30:29 EDT 2004

>From an ODBC application, given a query like this
   "select user"
where the column selected is not a real column, but
a "psuedo column" or whatever the right term is...

I'm trying to use SQLColAttribute to obtain the "column name"
which I believe should be "USER".

I've tried the SQL_COLUMN_NAME, as in
	SQLColAttribute ( stmtHandle, 1, SQL_COLUMN_NAME,
			 colname, sizeof(colname),
			 NULL, NULL);

which succeeds, but returns an empty string in colname.

If I modify the query to 
   "select user as user"

then I get the column name defined as I expect.

Bug or Feature?


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