[freetds] bcp CHAR behavior

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Thu Apr 15 22:41:11 EDT 2004


if (desttype == SYBVARCHAR) {
    bcpcol->data_size = 
	_bcp_rtrim_varchar((char *) bcpcol->data, converted_data_size);
} else {
    bcpcol->data_size = converted_data_size;

I ran across what might be a little bug in the above code today.  I was
loading a tab-delimited file; column two in the table was a char(2). 
freebcp was complaining.   (The actual message was bogus iirc, something
about inserting a NULL into a non-null column.)  The real problem was that
the field contained a trailing blank:

	'AR '

You can imagine it took a bit of hunting, because the error file didn't
exactly highlight the space before the tab.  

Microsoft's bcp.exe loaded the file fine, after I DOSified it.  So they
trim the trailing blank for char & varchar fields.  Maybe for everything? 

I wonder how Sybase's utility behaves.  I think I may change the above to
call _bcp_rtrim_varchar() every time.  

Any insights?


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