[freetds] odbc unit test failure - earlybind

Roger Reynolds rogerr at softix.com
Thu Apr 15 21:32:48 EDT 2004

Hi, I am seeing a failure in the earlybind test program.
The code does this:

 	SQLBindCol(Statement, 1, SQL_C_SLONG, &id, sizeof(SQLINTEGER),
	SQLBindCol(Statement, 2, SQL_C_CHAR, name, sizeof(name), &ind2);

However, the first SQLBindCol is failing, because SQL_C_SLONG is not
supported by SQLBindCol in the conditional TDS_NO_DM section.

This causes both earlybind and transaction tests to fail.
By adding SQL_C_SLONG to that switch, both tests work.

Is using freetds with odbc and no driver manager generally
tested and used? 

I think that is how I want to use freetds for my purposes, 
where I don't require driver manager features and want a really 
simple deployment/configuration scheme.
(I can easily compose the appropriate connection string programatically,
and I have just the one odbc driver to worry about and am happy to link
it at compile time rather than dynamically at run time)

I'll appreciate your thoughts on this...



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