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Michael Peppler mpeppler at peppler.org
Tue Apr 13 16:51:12 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 08:25, Lowden, James K wrote:
> > From: Thompson, Bill D (London) [mailto:bill_d_thompson at ml.com]
> > Sent: April 13, 2004 9:04 AM
> > 
> > I taught myself C on an IBM RT PC 6150 (anyone else remember 
> > those ?) some 17 years ago. 
> Sure I remember them.  Never used one, though.

Same here - first Unix box was a Sun 386i...
> The language evolves, for sure.  I remember in 1994 I was porting some
> VMS C to C++ on what they called "Daytona", later known as NT 3.5. 
> The C I knew was K&R, and I couldn't believe it when I found structs
> being copied by assignment (instead of memcpy).  It earned me a
> "welcome to the '90s" from my team mates. 


I remember that feature getting added to the MS-DOS C compilers in the
mid 80s. For me it was the reverse of going from pseudo-ansi C in 1989
to K&R on the Sun box (which meant that I installed gcc as soon as I

The weirdest C compiler I ever used was included in the Waterloo Port OS
that I used for a few years in the mid-80s (Waterloo Port was a
micro-kernel network OS that could host MS-DOS in a "DOS-BOX" similar to
what OS/2 did).

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