[freetds] too many casts, sire

Thompson, Bill D (London) bill_d_thompson at ml.com
Tue Apr 13 09:04:05 EDT 2004


I recognise my own code when I see it!
I taught myself C on an IBM RT PC 6150 (anyone else remember those ?) some
17 years ago. 
Maybe on that first version of AIX, it was necessary to cast like that. 
I'll endeavour to bring myself into the 21st century though...perhaps one
day I'll even learn C++ ....


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> http://www.fiendish.demon.co.uk/c/casting.html
> http://www.vmunix.com/~gabor/c/draft.html#
> I came across this line in bcp.c (reformatted):
> if ((curptr->nextptr = 
> 	(struct fflist *) malloc(sizeof(struct fflist))) 
> 		== (struct fflist *) NULL)
> ANSI C says:
> 1.  It's never necessary to cast to compare to a null pointer.  
> 2.  It's never necessary to cast void* for assignment.  
> That tells me this could as well read:
> if ((curptr->nextptr = 
> 	malloc(sizeof(struct fflist))) == NULL)
> which I can actually read.  Is there any reason not to simplify this?  Is
> anyone really using a malloc() that returns char* in 2004?  (The casting
> of NULL is just plain egregious, not merely old fashioned.)
> --jkl
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