[freetds] 0.62.3 ODBC raiserror unit test fails

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Tue Apr 13 04:38:58 EDT 2004

Il lun, 2004-04-12 alle 23:17, Lowden, James K ha scritto:
> SpDateTest Output:
>    Result = -1
>    Return Code = 0
> SQLExecute failed!
> FAIL: raiseerror
> This unit test apparently fails in 0.62.3.  I'm not completely sure I know what it's testing.  It works in CVS HEAD.  Is it easy to fix in the release branch?  

Opps... I backported fix in ODBC but not in test. Is correct that
SQLExecute returns fail. raiserror.c in CVS HEAD is updated.

> One minor thing.  The SQL command is "raiserror", with one 'e', just like sp_helprotect has one 'p'.  That's just a spelling rule in Sybasese.  Could we change the name of the program and the text of the FAIL message to match?  

Changed in CVS HEAD


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