[freetds] General Error in nvITrans_BeginT - rc = -1 Follow up

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Fri Apr 9 03:11:54 EDT 2004

> > From: Jeff Fisher [mailto:JFisher at Emery-Waterhouse.com]
> > Sent: April 8, 2004 8:40 AM
> > 
> > [Generic Connectivity Using ODBC]Record SKU_MASTER has no 
> > fields. Loading failed.
> > 
> > We've looked at the log output, but haven't seen anything 
> > obvious.  What should we be looking for in the logs?  
> Good question.  Several things could be wrong, and the 
> message isn't especially helpful.  
> HSODBC might be trying to assess the table through methods we 
> don't implement.  I would look for complaints that 
> such-and-such an option is not supported.  In general, 
> FreeTDS will log such a message, but not always.  
> Look for error messages arriving from the server.  Under 
> certain conditions, they're not propogated back to the application.  
> I suppose SKU_MASTER is a table?  There are two ways to 
> determine the columns of a table:
> 1.  Get the metadata by selecting from the table ("where 0=1" 
> or somesuch).  You should see the select statement and a 
> pretty verbose description of the returned columns.  
> 2.  Select the metadata (as data) from either the system 
> tables or the information schema views.  
> I don't know which of these things our ODBC driver does, or 
> if HSODBC is doing the work itself.  I do know the 
> information has to come from the server in one of those two forms.  
> You are in new territory, in case you don't know that 
> already.  FreeTDS is normally used in bespoke programs, where 
> the programmer can adjust to its capabilities.  HSODBC, OTOH, 
> no doubt expects to use a fully compliant driver.  I don't 
> know that FreeTDS meets that standard sufficiently well 
> enough for that purpose.  AFAIK, the only experience anyone's 
> had with plugging FreeTDS ODBC into a pre-existing system is 
> with oo.org, and that experience hasn't been positive.  
> Regardless, we're happy to help you try.  

Time ago I had an off-ML chat with Andrea (in Italian). We get HSODBC
working. All test he did passed. You have to use CVS version (0.63) with
--enable-developing switch. To read columns metadata HSODBC use
SQLPrepare followed by SQLColAttribute (or similar); this mode is not so
efficient however we cannot change HSODBC so I change FreeTDS :)


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