[freetds] Make fails on Solaris 8

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Thu Apr 8 01:21:38 EDT 2004

On Wed, 7 Apr 2004 09:31:04 -0400, "Damian Marinaccio" <dxmwml at rit.edu>
> I am trying to install freetds 0.62.1 on Solaris 8. 
> I ran:
> ./configure --enable-msdblib
> This completed fine, However when running make it eventually errors out.
> I have put the output from the screen at the end of this message. I
> really cant figure out what is going wrong.
> if test -L reference; then rm reference; fi
> /bin/sh: test: argument expected
> make[1]: *** [doc/freetds-0.62.1/reference/index.html] Error 1


It means that your /bin/sh has a builtin called "test" (or, there is a
/usr/bin/test) that does not support '-L' as an option.  Can you confirm

	$ touch t
	$ ln t tt
	$ /bin/sh
	$ test -L tt 
	$ test -Y tt
	test: tt: unexpected operator
	$ rm t tt
	$ help test |grep '\-L'
        -L FILE        True if file is a symbolic link.

We are relying on a nonstandard option to determine if the file is a link
or not.  I don't know what the standard way is.  I suppose we could do "if
it's a file and it's not a directory".  

Happily, this is not a really big problem.  You can still call "make
install" and proceed.  The documentation might not get installed
correctly, but FreeTDS will still work, and you can copy the documentation
trees yourself if you like.  

Thank you for the problem report.  



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