[freetds] General Error in nvITrans_BeginT - rc = -1

Jeff Fisher JFisher at Emery-Waterhouse.com
Mon Apr 5 16:02:42 EDT 2004

HSODBC - Oracle's way of talking with another database through odbc. -- Your
second choice was correct.  I'll check our version and let you know.


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> From: Jeff Fisher [mailto:JFisher at Emery-Waterhouse.com]
> Sent: April 5, 2004 2:56 PM
> We've installed freetds successfully and can connect to the sql server
> database using isql.  However, while trying to connect 
> through Oracle's
> HSODBC service we get the following error:
> [9013]General error in nvITrans_BeginT - rc = -1
> Please refer to the log file for details

Would you mind updating an old man about just what it is that "Oracle's
HSODBC service" does?  Is it a TDS gateway to Oracular servers?  The FreeTDS
driver communicates with a pseudo-TDS host that converts the TDS stream into
something Oracle understands?  

Or is is the other way around: the Oracle database (or its minion) uses ODBC
to talk to "foreign" databases, in this case via the FreeTDS ODBC driver?
I'm placing my bet here.  

Either way, there are two categories of error:

1.  The client requires a feature in ODBC that FreeTDS (what version, btw?)
doesn't support.  In the best case, that will be evident in the TDSDUMP log.

2.  The pseudo-host, if extant, does some unusual TDS thing.  That surely
would be in the TDSDUMP log.  

Finally, there's James's Best Guess:  You're using 0.62.1 or older, and are
stepping on the SQLTran bug fixed in 0.62.2.  Details are in the README.
Pick up something newer in our current directory on ibiblio and call me in
the morning.  



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