[freetds] new: src/apps/bsqldb

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Mon Apr 5 03:35:24 EDT 2004

Making good on my own good idea ;-) please welcome a new application:

The name is awful, but it's not random:

1. 'b' as in 'batch'
2. 'sql' as you know
3. 'db' as in 'db-lib'.

The purpose of bsqldb is threefold:

 * 1.  To provide a generalized SQL processor suitable for testing db-lib.
 * 2.  To offer a robust batch-oriented SQL processor suitable for use in
a production environment.  
 * 3.  To serve as a model example of how to use db-lib functions.  

It might not be any of those things yet, but it's a start.  It handles
queries of arbitrary size and complexity, including compute rows and
output parameters (for those servers that will populate output parameters
without rpc calls).  

If you find questionable technique in this program, please don't hesitate
to correct it.  I would like it to be good enough that it could serve as a
reference for people wanting to know if such-and-such a feature works
correctly in db-lib.

It has been committed to CVS, but won't appear in the snapshot until


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