[freetds] unixODBC/FreeTDS Questions

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Sat Apr 3 18:49:39 EST 2004

On Thu, 01 Apr 2004, Rob Garcia <rgarcia at tiagris.net> wrote:
> > Is that expected?  A '.odbc.ini' file in the root?  Above, you show
> > the contents of a file named 'odbc.ini' (no leading dot).  Is it
> > possible the DM is not reading that file?  
> > 
> > --jkl
> I copied the '*.ini' files from the '/usr/local/etc' directory to the 
> '/' and '/export/home/rgarcia' directories, renamed them adding the 
> leading dot, changed file ownership, and got the same results.

There is a 100% probability that FreeTDS isn't being asked to connect to
the server you want to use.  If you set TDSDUMPCONFIG, you'll see that it
never consults its freetds.conf, and in TDSDUMP you'll see it can't
connect to its last-ditch guess, "SYBASE".   

The problem undoubtedly lies in the way you specified the ODBC ini files. 
I can't tell from here what exactly is wrong, but I'm sure the culprit is
in there somewhere.  

Sorry I can't be more help.  AFAIK, there's no simple way to get unixODBC
to tell you where it's looking for its ini files, and that's the feedback
you need.  


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