[freetds] 0.62.2 and spurious errors?

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Fri Apr 2 00:32:32 EST 2004

Il gio, 2004-04-01 alle 20:45, Casey Allen Shobe ha scritto:
> James K. Lowden wrote:
> > I expect it will.  I posted a tentative 0.62.2 
> Happy to report that I'm using it now and it's working perfectly.  Not a 
> single complaint.
> I'd like to go ahead and include this in my install document, but I need 
> to make an SRPM (because at least the 0.62.1 RPM did not work with 
> RedHat 7.3) to do so.  Can I do that using the spec file from 0.62.1?  I 
> don't know anything about RPM, so if it's more complex than that I'll 
> probably just wait for an SRPM release of 0.62.2.  How long is it 
> typically before SRPMs are available after source is released?
> Thanks!  Great work!  (dunno why the patch didn't help - I patched the 
> SRPM and used RPM to install it, so maybe because that version was 
> already installed it didn't actually install it or something stupid)

FreeTDS it's RPM-ready. It's quite easy to create RPMs. Rename
downloaded package with correct name (in this case
freetds-0.62.2.tar.gz) and issue rpm build command (in this case
rpmbuild -ta freetds-0.62.2.tar.gz) !!


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