[freetds] Re: unixODBC/FreeTDS Questions

Rob Garcia rgarcia at tiagris.net
Thu Apr 1 22:10:58 EST 2004

Daniel Fazekas wrote:
> On Apr 1, 2004, at 1:04, Rob Garcia wrote:
>> I've got some problems bringing up unixODBC on a Solaris 2.9 box for 
>> use with the Perl DBI.  Here's the info on problem.
> Odd. Everything seems to be perfectly in order.
> My guess is that either the programs do not actually reference the 
> configuration files in the directories you put them into (you seem to 
> have checked this already), or that they have no read access rights to 
> the files. Maybe it's a bug.
> -- 
> fds

Checked ownership (uid - root, gid - other) and permissions (755) of the 
'*.ini' files and all appears to be in order.  I'm also executing the 
'isql' command as root.


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